Cel del Nord is a big, old building in a tiny village. It has been converted into an impressive multi-use studio, tasteful accommodation and large garden. It was previously a bar, shop, restaurant and theatre.

It’s quiet, undisturbed and beautiful.

The house on a bright June day

We give you a distraction-free, and inspiration-rich environment to do extraordinary creative work. Artists, writers and musicians stay here to make use of the studio and enjoy a peaceful escape in the vast countryside. The two go hand-in-hand: the peaceful escape inevitably inspires whatever takes place in the studio, or at the writers’ desk.

The best way to approach a stay at Cel del Nord is with a plan. It doesn’t have to be a plan to “produce” something; a plan to spend time thinking about something specific is enough. However, in our experience, you will get more from your time here if you come with ideas about how to use it.

Cel del Nord is owned and operated by Odette Brady and James Brady. They live in a separate part of the building with their very quiet, peace-loving dog.

Odette and James add soft punctuation to the day by leading a local walk every morning, and checking in with their guests over a cup of tea or a glass of wine every evening. They are sounding-boards and facilitators rather than critics or teachers.

Cel del Nord Mission Statement

We are proud members of the Res Artis Network.
Res Artis Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies
As a creative organisation, we strive to:
– Keep up to date with our colleagues in the residential arts field by visiting other organisations, being active on social media and seeking to learn from others by sharing successes and failures. We will use what we learn to develop the services that we offer.
– Accept individuals from all cultures and work hard to accommodate their artistic needs through dialogue and understanding. We also promote the local art scene in our area by hosting events and promoting the Catalan arts.
– Provide clear and up to date information on our website and upon request about who we are and what we offer.
– Make a special effort to connect with artists who have “day jobs”, to ensure they are represented in the arts field, rather than overlooked.