CDN studio

The studio is in the coolest part of the house: ideal on a sunny summer’s day. On colder days we keep it cosy with a fire in the wood-burning stove.  

Technical information

  • 50m2 area with 4m high ceiling
  • Large windows on opposite walls
  • Natural northern light
  • Four bright overhead lights
  • Portable work lamps
  • Sink with hot and cold running water
  • 120cm x 200cm work table – can be split into two for more solitary work.
  • Two Mabef M07 H-Frame adjustable easels with boards and clips
  • Short throw video projector and stereo system
  • Pegs and drying line
  • Empty wall space (for pinning things)
  • Nitrile gloves, rags, newspaper, glass jars, turps, vegetable oil, baby wipes
  • Gelli plate and roller

Writers: don’t feel left out. There are writing corners set up all over the house and, if you can’t find one that’s quite right, we will gladly set up a desk anywhere you please. You can write in the studio, on the terrace, in the library, in the garden, in your room, in the hall, in the kitchen – if you want to write in the bathroom, you can. (We recommend the studio, terrace or library.)