Your host Odette Brady is a creativity coach…

Odette Brady, Creativity Coach

… always on hand to talk ideas as well as to give formal coaching. Some of the things Odette works on with her clients are

  • artist statement, including writing the statement and talking about your work with confidence
  • writer’s block
  • procrastination and guilt about laziness
  • defining a creative direction
  • changing artistic discipline
  • being creative again after a long break
  • creativity time management
  • generating ideas
  • becoming more well known in a creative field
  • balancing creativity and paid work
  • I act as a sounding board, listening to your ideas and asking the right questions
Odette is a creativity coach and loves working through artistic ideas with Cel del Nord residence.

For more information about coaching, and to compare the CDN residents rates with Odette’s usual rates, visit

Single session 

60 minutes – €50

A single session is like a jumpstart for the creative brain. It gives you the opportunity to start a new line of thinking. We can point you down a different route to getting what you want.

Three sessions

150 minutes – €100

In three sessions we have the space to put plans into motion together, this is where the magic of coaching really comes into play.  It gives us the opportunity to reflect and adapt ideas, while you build a lasting creative practice.

Eight sessions

400 minutes – €250

The eight-session package is for creatives who have made the decision that now is the time. Perhaps it’s time to publish a book, become a famous artist, make a career out of what was once a hobby or start again from the beginning. What you’re facing is a huge and daunting prospect – more so now that you have decided it’s going to happen! – but you don’t have to do it alone. I will help you as you light your path and become that person you have always imagined.